Standard Policies

The 2019/2020 dance year will begin August 19 and run through May 21st.  Our 2019 recital at High Point Theatre is May 16th. The cost of lessons have been evenly priced over these months so that you will have a flat rate of payment each month. This means that although you may have 3 lessons in one month and 5 in another, there is no adjustment in the monthly price. Payment is due the first week of each month. There are no discounts or refunds for missed classes.  Payments that are more than 30 days late will incur a $15 fee. There is a $15.00 fee on all returned checks. There is a $30 non refundable registration fee.  Sibling discount on registrain is $5 each child. 

Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby but encouraged to drop students off. When dropping your child off, please walk them to the door. Parents are not allowed inside the dance room because it is distracting to your child and other students. We do have a viewing window for you to observe class from the lobby. If siblings or other children are waiting with you in the lobby then it is the parents responsibility to look after them. Dance Edge of High Point, LLC and it's employees are not responsible for children not attending class.

We encourage regular attendance, but we understand that perfect attendance is not always possible. We will try to work with you to find a time that your child can make up their missed class.

Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle with water to class. Please no sodas or sugar drinks. We understand that older students may be attending multiple classes and be at the studio for long hours. If they need to they may bring a snack for in between classes. 

Attire and Shoes

Students are welcome to wear what they feel comfortable in as long as it is not baggy, does not restrict your movement, and is not offensive. Leotard and tights are preferred for all ballet classes though students are welcome to wear ballet skirts, leg warmers, body warmers, etc. Pointe Class dress code is Leotard, tights, skirt optional, and hair in a bun.  Their is no specific brand of dance shoe we prefer. For children still growing, buy a size up in their shoes for them to grow into so you don't have to buy more than one pair a year.

Ages 3-4 Predance: pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes

Ages 5-6: pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes, black high top tennis shoes

Ages 7-8: pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes (small heels are fine), black high top tennis shoes

Level I:  ballet/contemporary: pink ballet shoes, foot undeez, or barefoot

Level I, II, III, and IV tap: tan heeled tap shoes

Level II, III, and IV Contemporary: Barefoot or foot undeez

Level I, II, III, and IV jazz / hip hop: Black High top tennis shoes

Adult Jazz- Black character shoes

Adult Tap- Black tap shoes

Pointe I: pink ballet shoes, pointe shoes (please do not purchase pointe shoes before the first class, your teacher will instruct you on the purchase of these shoes) Students must be dressed in leotard and tights and hair in bun.

Point II: pink ballet shoes, pointe shoes, and must be dressed in leotards and tights and hair in bun.


You can find dance shoes and attire at Carolina Dancewear in Greensboro. Catalogues and websites also offer great prices. Some examples are Discount Dance Supply and

We have Dance Edge Logo wear for sale at the studio.