Class Info

Ages 3 - 4 Pre-dance Child Program

(2.5 year olds are accepted if they show readiness to participate, be away from mom, and do not distract or run around the class)

Introduction to ballet, tap and tumbling

45 minute classes

Ages 5 - 6 Program

Combination of ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop

60 minute classes

Ages 7 - 8 Program

Combinations of ballet, tap, jazz, & hip-hop

90 minute classes

Classes listed below may be taken in any combination. You may choose to take one, two or three different disciplines. We understand that students have busy schedules and interests may lie on only one discipline. We do encourage our serious dancers to take all three deciplines and we would like to remind you that ballet is the foundation for all dance.

Level I: Ages 9 and up

Level I ballet & contemporary- 30 minutes

Level I tap - 30 minutes

Level I jazz/hip-hop - 30 minutes

Level II: Ages 12 and up

Level II ballet & contemporary - 45 minutes

Level II tap - 30 minutes

Level II jazz/hip-hop - 45 minutes 

Level III: Ages 14 and up

Level III contemporary - 45 minutes

Level III tap - 30 minutes

Level III jazz/hip-hop - 45 minutes

Level IV: Instructor assigned classes. Students in Level IV must be taking more than one day a week.

Level IV contemporary - 1 hour

Level IV tap - 30 minutes

Level IV jazz/hip-hop - 30 minutes


Pointe I / Intermediate classical ballet- 45 minutes

Pointe II/ Advanced classical ballet- 45 minutes


Adult Jazz - 45 minutes

Adult Tap - 30 minutes

More Info

Levels II, III & IV may take any level below their current level in another discipline.

Taking classes above your current age level requires special permission from your instructor.

Need help deciding on a level? Contact us and we will be glad to help you!

There is a $30 flat registration fee.